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Meet the leading recruiting agency in Latin America
Our difference is the commitment and professionalism we handle our business respecting, listening and giving orientation to all parts involved. Ethics and a hard-work complements our business.

Who We Are and What We Do
Infinity Brazil is a recruiting agency for cruise ships in business for nine years now and since then we improved quantity and quality year after year with more and better candidates offered to 
companies. Not only this, Infinity also provides services for special needs when it is necessary.

More recently Infinity did a step further on its business. Now we are able to offer not only employment onboard cruise lines but also at hotels and resorts in Brazil.

Also, after a period of selection, Infinity is now proudly offering exchange opportunities for hospitality personnel at the most exclusive Golf Clubs and Club Houses in Florida and US.

With these new achievements Infinity became a reference in hospitality employment in Brazil being able to offer Brazilians the most diverse, enriching and exciting opportunities in this market.

The formula for this success is Excellence in Recruiting 
Our head office is in Santos where is located the biggest port in Latin America having a branch in the city of Sao Paulo (the main economic center of South America) which can assist cruise lines with recruitment when needed.

The Team
Most of our crew in working with Infinity for over 05 years which gives them experience to deal with all sort of demands and needs of the cruise lines.
Our organizational chart is divided in:

Selection and Recruitment Department
Here we collect all information from the cruise line, positions needed, jobs descriptions, numbers requested and all other details from the specific hiring process. At this first contact we also analyze and suggest any aspect of the recruitment in order to maximize the results. It is coordinated by the Recruiting Manager Marcelo Del Bel (above photo).

Media Department
After receiving all the information from the cruise line or any company, Infinity starts to announce - at no cost - the offers in major media around the country. We also monitor all social medias we participate with online responses as part of our efforts to attend all applicants.

Interview with Companies
After a candidate passed the pre-screening with us, we then prepare all candidates with the proper documentation and all necessary paperwork for skype or personal interview.

Boarding Department
After a candidate is being approved by a company, we start to schedule and get all the necessary documentation in time for starting the work. Here again, our experience makes the difference once we will be dealing with different requests as medicals, certificates and all sort of visas. All this procedures will be taken respecting the deadline given. The person in charge of this very important department is the CEO, Jerusa Pedrosa.

Infinity has a dynamic and versatile team to meet the demands of its customers. Every selection is done according company's profile once each of them has its requirements and specifications. It is on this basis that we are targeting our crew, always considering their personnel characteristics and experiences.

We Have The Best Crew
Infinity Brazil is committed to its clients to nominate candidates for the interview properly trained to perform their on board career exceeding expectations. Following companies rigorous selection, we are reaching great results with all companies we work with.
- 80% to 90% of the candidates shown are approved by the companies.
- Very few changes of applicant´s positions by the companies. We follow companies guidelines and thus, candidates are approved.
- Low number of sign-offs   

Brazilian Crew
During the last 02 decades, Brazil has been through many changes both economic and social. Once knew as a “carnival and soccer” country, Brazil became a more influential global player. We are no longer considered just an exporter of cheap labor or commodities, but expressively turned the 7th largest economy in the world. We became the 5th country with the largest number of tourists aboard cruise ships and according to the Florida´s tourism bureau of the United States, we are now the 2nd nationality who spend more on trips on that state.

Because of the main events will take place in Brazil such as Olympics and the FIFA World Cup, our hospitality market had to advance in quality. Now, our enormous touristic market is able to receive and welcome with all international standards without losing our main mark, the outgoing.

The result is already noticed, with more companies recruiting Brazilians and for better positions. Brazil and Brazilians are high on the world stage being recognized internationally as a happy and healthy nation.

Companies find now in a Brazilian,a crew member who meets all its obligations in a professional manner, without ceasing to be cheerful, talkative, friendly, charismatic and humorous, typical characteristics of Brazilians. Also Brazil itself brings out the curiosity in others and adding it to a very communicative personality and the result is having your guests entertained with our crew.

Let our crew be part of your company. For sure your guests will love it and you will be very well attended by us.

For contacts, send you request to suporte@infinitybrazil.com.br.

We wait for you.